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The name acacia honey will evoke images of the acacia trees in Africa's wildlife or in the crystal clear waters of Hawaii. But in Australia, acacia is most frequently found (with trees , shrubs and bushes), and most importantly, acacia honey comes from none of those trees which rarely make honey nectar. You can also directly buy Acacia Karro Honey from Acacia Karro Honey suppliers . What we know as acacia honey comes from a black locust tree or a "false acacia tree," usually the Robinia pseudoacacia or Caragana tree. (The spring of the honey is white or light yellow). "False acacia" originates on Southeast Asia, but is now present on three other continents in North America. That is the reason many marketers have branded that honey as American acacia and locust honey when it is exported to America, but it is merely exported as an acacia honey in Europe (and some shops in the United States). Interestingly, it is extremely common in countries like Bulgaria and Hungary. Wherever and whatever it is called is leisurely, and many experts call it the best Acacia Karroo Honey that can be bought. For buying Acacia Karro Honey there are many Acacia Karro Honey Wholesale Suppliers are available.


It is mastered to use 'straight-up' and added to milk, cereal or ice cream because the mild taste of this honey does not overshadow other flavours. Acacia sweet is also low in acid so it combines well
with a lot of cheeses, figs, apricots etc. Acacia is a good sweet in certain cases when it comes to baking. Its high fructose content makes it quite sweet, so it's an excellent sweetener that won't battle for other ingredients. If you want a sweet person to give a recipe its own strong taste, you can however look at the chestnut or Manuka sweet, or other kind of Acacia Karroo Honey with an instantly different taste.

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