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Apple trees worldwide are planted and the most commonly cultivated species of the Malus genus. It came from Central Asia, and is still today its wild ancestor, Malus sieversii. Apples were cultivated in Asia and Europe for thousands of years and were brought by European colonists to North America. In many cultures, including North, Greek and European Christian traditions, Apple has religious and mythological significance. You can also directly buy Apple from Apple suppliers .

When grown from seed, apple trees are large. In general, apple varieties are spread over rootstocks, that check the trees size. There are over 7,500 recognized apple cultivars which have a number of desired features. Various cultivars, including cooking, raw food and cider manufacturing, are cultivated for various tastes and uses.


For several sweets, the apple pie, apple crumble, apple crisp and apple cake, are popular. Some apple groves shape a puree known as apple sauce easily when cooked. Often, they are baked or cooked, and some meat dishes are cooked. Dry apples (soaked in water, alcohol, or some other liquid) may be eaten or reconstituted. For buying Apple there are many Apple Wholesale Suppliers are available.

Apples are melted or pressed in order to produce apple juice that can be either drunk or filtered without filtering (called apple cider in North America). Concentrated and frozen juice is always filtered, and later reconstituted and eaten. The cider (known as hard cidre in North America), ciderkine, and vinegar may be fermented to make Apple Saft. Different alcoholic beverages like applejack, calvados and apfelwein can be produced through distillation.

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