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The seed of an apricot found in a tough endocarp, that forms the stone or pit together, is an apricot kernel. It is renowned for its poisonous amygdalin compound. Amygdaline was marketed with the related laetry of synthetic compounds as an alternative cancer treatment. However, studies have shown that cyanide toxicity is highly harmful or fatal in the mouth and the compounds are not used widely for cancer treatment. For buying Apricot Kernel there are many Apricot Kernel Wholesale Suppliers are available.
The kernels of apricot look like a little almond. The skin becomes light brown when it is dried out.
In Egypt, seed and salt are combined with ground apricot kernel to make a popular snacks called "dokka." You can also directly buy Apricot Kernel from Apricot Kernel suppliers .
Some manufacturers use Apricot kernels in the production of cosmetics, medicines and oil.
The kernels contain a high proportion of the kernel's protein , fiber and oil.


We using oil pressed from a sweet kernel, as sweet almond oil, can be used to cook. Amaricot kernels are used in processed food such as amarette cookies, amber and apricot jams.
Some people in the North-Western Himalayas believe that wild apricots and their kernels are used for both meat and medicine. The use of biodiesel, skin and hair-care products is essential.
Bitter Apricot kernels and il kernels are commonly ingredients in cosmetics including body oils, face cream, lip balsamic and essential oils.
People use apricot kernel oil to make massage oil as it relieves pains and soreness.

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