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Avocados (Persea Americana) is a tree probably native to south-central Mexico and is known as a member of the Lauraceae family of flowering plants. The fruit of the plant is a wide, large beer containing a single large seed and also known as an avocado (i.e. avocado pear or alligator pear). You can also directly buy Avacado from Avacado suppliers .

They have a fleshy body of green skin that is pear-shaped, egg-shaped or spherical. After processing, they ripen commercially. Avocado trees are partly autopollinating and mostly spread by greasing to
maintain a predictable consistency and amount of fruit. For buying Avacado there are many Avacado Wholesale Suppliers are available.

Avocado oil has a high smoke content, which is costly in comparison with traditional salads and cooking oil, and is primarily used in salads or dips. When held in the palm of the hand and squeezed, a mature avocado produces mild pressure. This can be prevented by adding lime or lemon juice to avocados after excessive peeling. It is easy to turn brown after air exposure.


It has been used in sweet and savory food, but not in many countries for both. The fruit is not sweet, but characteristic and subtly tasted. The texture is smooth. The lawyers are common in vegetarian
cuisine as a supplement to meats in sandwiches and salads, because of their high fat content. Avocado is usually served crude, although a certain amount of cultivars, including 'Hass's can be cooked without becoming bitter for a short time. Some avocados' flesh may be heat-infected. This chemical reaction is caused in all cultivars by prolonged cooking.

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