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A banana is an elongated, edible fruit – botanically a berry – made from several types of large plants in the Musa genus. Bananas used for cooking can be referred to as "plants" in some countries, differentiating from dessert bananas. The size, color, and solidity of the fruits vary but are usually long and curved, with soft and stubbornly rich flesh that is covered in a rind, green, yellow , red, purple or brunette, if ripe. The fruits grow in the top-of-the-plant clusters. Far from all conventional, foodless bananas, Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana are the habitats of two wild species. For buying Bananas there are many Bananas Wholesale Suppliers are available.

Bananas are one of the world's most widely used fruits. They contain essential nutrients that can have a health effect. Bananas can help decrease blood pressure and decrease cancer risk.


Nutrition data is obtained from the FoodData Central Database (USDA) of the United States Department of Agriculture. The dietary guidelines for Americans for 2015-2020 are daily requirements. These are approximate
for adults as the values vary depending on the age and sex of the individual. The AHA encourages people to lower their salt or sodium intakes and increase their intake of potassium-containing foods. Potassium can contribute to the blood pressure management and cardiovascular stress reduction. You can also directly buy Bananas from Bananas suppliers .

According to nutritional information from the above, medium bananas provide close to 9 percent of a person's daily potassium needs. Laboratory studies have suggested that leukemia cells may help prevent lectin, a protein found in bananas. Lectin works like an antioxidant. The body can take molecules known as free radicals away from antioxidants. If too many free radicals develop, cell damage, which may lead to cancer, can happen. Researches in 2004 observed the decrease in the risk of developing leukemia among children eating bananas, orange juice, or the two of these. The study authors suggested that this might also have antioxidant properties because of the content of vitamin C.

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