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The Betel nut is the seed of the Areca palm, which spreads from southeast and southwestern Asia and parts of eastern Africa, to much of the tropical Pacific region. They are generally termed betel noodles and are often used to wrap them not to be confused with betel leaves. The word areca comes back from the name Kannada adike and dates from the sixteenth century when the Nut was brought to Europe by Dutch and Portuguese sailors. The health effects of consumption are many and are cancerous for humans. Specific compounds, including arecoline, lead in the oral mucosa to histological changes. For buying Betel Nuts there are many Betel Nuts Wholesale Suppliers are available. The seed of the palms areca is Betel nut. Betel nut. The so-called areca nut is also known. Common names, recipes and different ingredients differ according to cultural group and people who use them. You can also directly buy Betel Nuts from Betel Nuts suppliers .


Freshly dried, boiled, cooked, rost and healed, it can be used by separating the fruit from the outer layer.
The most common way to use betel dust is to break it into thin lines and to roll it in a betel bottle of crushed (powder) lime. The packaging is also called "betel quid," the "betel nut chew." The packaging in this leaf.
Betel quids may include smoking or other flavor enhancement add-ons such as cloves, cardamoms, muscles, aniseeds, cocoonuts, sugar, syropes and extracts of fruit.
Sometimes noodles, such as a blonde, a moustache or Kawa potato, are surrounded by leaves other than betel leaves.

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