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Black tea is a more oxidized form of tea than oolong, black, green and white teas. Black tea is normally stronger than other teas. All four kinds are made of Camellia sinensis shrub leaves. In the last years, green and white tea were produced in two principal species: the Chinese leafy variety, which is used in most other tea types, and the Assamese larger leaves that were traditionally primarily used for black tea. The drink is named "red tea" because of the color of the oxidized leaves when it was properly processed in China where black tea was produced. For buying Black Tea there are many Black Tea Wholesale Suppliers are available.
Combines black tea, spices of the Indian subcontinent, milk, and sweeteners like sugar or honey; a drink of India, which may have been consumed for hundreds of years, before the arrival of Europeans in the ancient kingdoms of the world. While there is still some debate about the existence of a pre-colonical tea society, the post-autonomous Masala chai has definitely played an important role in the new tea-consumption culture of India, making it the world 's greatest tea user. You can also directly buy Black Tea from Black Tea suppliers .


A variety of health advantages are accounted for antioxidants.
The use of free radicals will help eliminate and reduce cell damage to the body. At the end, this will reduce the risk of chronic disease.
Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant, including black tea, found in certain foods and drinks.
The key sources of antioxidants in black tea which can encourage optimal health are classes of polyphenols, including catechins, theaflavine which thearubigin.
Black tea includes another category that promotes heart safety, known as flavonoid antioxidants.
In vegetables, berries, red wine and dark chocolate flavonoids are present in combination with tea.
Regular intake can help reduce certain heart disease risk factors including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, increased triglyceride levels and obesity.

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