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Bulgur is a comestible grain of crushed, broken wheat – hard wheat, more frequently, but also other forms of wheat. For buying Bulgur Wheat there are many Bulgur Wheat Wholesale Suppliers are available.
It is cooked or parboiled to make it fairly fast. it can be prepared. When cooked, couscous or quinoa have a similar consistency. Bulgur is regarded as a whole grain which means that the whole kernel of wheat – including germ, endosperms and bran – is consumed. Bulgur originated and could be traced back thousands of years in the Mediterranean. It is the basic ingredient in numerous Mediterranean and Middle East dishes to this day. You can also directly buy Bulgur Wheat from Bulgur Wheat suppliers . It is not only delicious and fast but also extremely nutritious in Bulgaria. It retains more nutritional value than more refined wheat products, because it is a minimally processed grain. A variety of vitamins and minerals and a large amount of fiber are found in Bulgur. More than 30% of the daily intake (RDI) for this nutrient is actually provided by a single serving. Bulgur is an especially good source of manganese, magnesium and iron, and a little lower in its calories than other comparable entire kernels, like brown rice and quinoa.


While weight is affected by different factors, multiple studies have associated increased intake of fiber with weight loss and a decreased trend towards weight gain.
In general, the impact of dietary fiber on weight remains uncertain. For some people food fiber results in an increased amount of plenty and therefore reduces the intake of calories, but it can also reduce the total energy consumed from food. In addition to other foods rich in fiber, Bulgur may contribute to a healthy weight as part of a balanced diet.
Regular whole grain consumption like bulgur may promote the development of healthy intestinal bacteria.

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