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Candle tree, also known as candleberry, Indian walnut, kemiri, varnish tree, nut de la India, buah keras, godou or kuki- nut tree and kekunas, is a blooming tree of the spurge family. Due to the early spread by humans, the tree can not be identified precisely and is now scattered across the tropics of the New and Old World. It grows to 15–25 metres, with small branches or hanging branches. The leaves, with an acute apex of 10–20 centimetres, are light green, simple and ovate or are tripled or rarely five lobes. For buying Candle Nuts there are many Candle Nuts Wholesale Suppliers are available.


It utilizes both the nut and the oil which can be extracted. Although slightly toxic, it is often cooked or toasted in many cultures. It is called kemiri in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine or keras buah in Malay. It's also a thick sauce eaten with rice and vegetables on the Indonesian island of Java.
Fruits and tree are historically referred to in the Philippines as lumbang, named after the town of Lumban, a lake shore in the Province of Laguna. It was also used as a property-line manager prior to the introduction of unborn species as a silver substratum enables the tree to be differentiated easily from a distance. You can also directly buy Candle Nuts from Candle Nuts suppliers .
Within South East Asia, macadamia seeds are sometimes substituted for candlenuts when not available, because the quality and texture are equally high when pounded. Nevertheless, the taste is very different because the candlenut is a lot bitter. There is no hostility to at least one Costa Rican cultivar and an development plan, if the non-toxic variety can not be identified and propagated, will possibly yield valuable food crops.

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