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Cardamon is a spice of many plants, occasionally cardamon or cardamum, in the Elettaria and Amomum genera in the Zingiberaceae family. All the genera come from the sub-continents of Indiaand Indonesia. Their small corner pods can be recognized as triangular and spindle shaped, with the thin external coat of paper and small , black seeds. The shells of the Elettaria are light green and smaller and the shells of Amomum are bigger and dark brown. For buying Cardamon there are many Cardamon Wholesale Suppliers are available. In tropical and sub-tropical Asia, cardamom species are native. The first references to cardamom have been identified in Sumerian and Ayurvedic literatures in India. In Guatemala, Malaysia, and Tanzania, it is now also growing. The world's  third largest spice, cardamom, is only exceeded in terms of price per weight in vanilla and saffron. You can also directly buy Cardamon from Cardamon suppliers .


This exotic spice contains recognized chemical components that prevent cancer. It also helps control bacterial potential and raises glutathione levels of antioxidants.
A black cardamon that prevents multiple teeth problems. It also surmounts teeth and molars infections. Often leads to the elimination of tooth smells. To resolve, all hair problems. It helps increase your hair's length as well as increase your quantity, including hair dropping, white hair etc.

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