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In snacking and cooking, the culinary uses of cassava seeds are similar to those of all trees known as the nut. Cashew is widely used as a base of sauces for curris and some sweets in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, whole to cook sweets, curries and melted into a pasta. It is also used in powdered form in many Indian desserts and sweets. Both roasted and crude kernels are used to make curry and candy in Goan 's kitchen. Cashew is a well-known Antipolo commodity and is eaten with suman in the Philippines. There is also a sweet desserve in the province of Pampanga called turrones de casuy, a marzipan cashew in white wav. In Indonesia, kacang mete or kacang med is known as roast and salted cassaved, while the cassaved apple is known as jambu monyet. You can also directly buy Cashew Nuts from Cashew Nuts suppliers . In several African countries, cassava cultivation grew in the 21st century to meet the demands for cassava milk, the alternatives to milk from plants. Bolo Polana is a cake baked in Mozambique using the most essential ingredients are powdered cash and mashed potatoes. In South Africa, this dessert is very popular. For buying Cashew Nuts there are many Cashew Nuts Wholesale Suppliers are available.


The National Center for Biotechnology Information ( NCBI) indicates that nuts may help health by monitoring various ailments such as cardiovascular disease. 
Consistently, studies indicate that the consumption of the nut in healthy diets has a cholesterol reduction effect and beneficial effects on oxidative stress , inflammation, and vascular reactivity have become evident. 
Cashew helps the LDL to be lowered and HDL to be carried. HDL removes cholesterol from the heart and leads it to the liver where cholesterol can break down.
The regular and limited use of cassava can help prevent diseases of the blood. Cashew's nuts are rich in copper, which plays a major part in removing free radicals from the body. 
The deficiency of copper can lead to anaemia, for example, of iron. Therefore the recommended amount of copper should be in our diet. And cassava noodles are a good source.
Our eyes are often affected by various infections in the urban environment combined with its excessive pollution. A strong antioxidant pigment called Zea Xanthin is contained in Cashews.
Our retina readily and immediately absorbs this pigment, says Anju Sood, nutritionist.

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