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The bean or beaver oil plant, Ricinus communis is a perennial flowering plant species in the Euphorbiaceae family of spurge plants. It is the only species of Ricini, Ricini and Ricini, in the monotypical family. Currently, the evolution of beaver and its relation to other species are being studied using modern genetic tools.[3] It reproduces with a mixed pollination mechanism that favors geitonogamic autonomy, but is be an anemophilic or entomophiliac outcrosser. For buying Castor seeds there are many Castor seeds Wholesale Suppliers are available. Its seed is the beaver bean that is not a real bean, despite its name. Castor, though commonly used in tropical regions is found in the southeastern Mediterranean Basins, Eastern Africa and India. The source of beaver oil that has a number of uses is castor seed. The seeds are rich with Triglycerides and primarily ricinolein, which contain between 40 and 60% oil. The seed is also made up of ricin, a water-soluble poison that is also distributed in lower levels around the plant. You can also directly buy Castor seeds from Castor seeds suppliers . In medicine and other applications, Castor Oil has many uses.

In laboratory rats, an alcoholic leaf extract has been shown to protect the liver from certain poisons. In antimicrobial testation against eight pathogenic bacteria of rats, methane extracts from the Ricinus communis leaves showed antimicrobial propagating properties. The pericarp of Ricinus has had low dose effects on the central nervous system in mice. A root bark water extract showed analgesic activity in rats. Antihistamine was found in Ricinus communis radionuclid and anti- inflammatory features were found in ethanol extracts.

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