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Cavendish Banana fruits are eaten raw and used for baked foods, fruit salads and fruit compotes. When banana is sold on food markets, the outer skin is partly green, and when the fruit is matured turns yellow. As the starch ripens, the fruit becomes sweet to sugar. As the final stage (stage 7) is reached, "sugar spots" become brown and black. For buying Cavendish Banana there are many Cavendish Banana Wholesale Suppliers are available.

Bananas mature naturally or by an induced process. They can turn yellow once picked on their own if they are fully mature by the time they are harvested or are exposed to ethylene gas to cause maturation. The majority of retailers sell bananas at phases 3–6 and at phase 5 to 7 they are the most appropriate for immediate use. The PLUs for the sweet scented banana are also used for the cavendish market. PLU 94011 is assigned to organic cavendish bananas. You can also directly buy Cavendish Banana from Cavendish Banana suppliers .


Because Cavendish bananas have a good source of unrefined carbohydrates, their muscles are fuel. Although adults require 4,700 milligram potassium a day, the majority of people get only half. A single medium-sized banana provides an easy way to enhance your daily intake of potassium. Eat a Cavendish banana if you're tired after a hard workout. It gives you an instant boost in strength. Some of the leading nutritionists swear that Cavendish banana has anti-age properties.


As a source of energy, because the content of the carbohydrate simply block the belly. Athletes reportedly use bananas to boost energy immediately when he competed. This is due to its high concentration of potassium and very effective in preventing the heart attack from high blood pressure. Blood balance. Vitamin B6 is rich in cavendish bananas, which is an active part of antibody and blood hemoglobin formation. The balance of the sugar levels in our blood, vitamin B6, is also established. Cavendish is so naturally healthy!

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