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Chestnuts, (Castanea genus), genus of 7 species of lamb trees, native to the temperative regions of the Northern hemisphere, belonging to the beech family (Fagaceae). The burly fruits contain edible nuts and various species are grown as ornamental trees and wood. Some of the species are known as chinquapins, and in the species Castanopsis it is also a common name for the trees.
Cape chestnut (South Africa 's perennial tree), a ruh family's horse chestnut, a castle of Moreton Bay, a palm chestnut, an evergreen palm tree (bactris gasipaes), as well as a variety of water chestnuts, are the widely referred to plants of the genus Castanea but not of the genus Castanea.
The majority of chestnut species are large trees, often with furrowed bark when they are mature. The dented leaves are rather oval to lance-shaped. In long upright catkins the majority of the male flowers are carried; the female flowers are arranged individually or in clusters at the base of short male catkins. Depending on the insect, the spiny bur is one to seven nuts and separates after maturity. The seeds quickly lose viability and generally germinate soon after falling into the ground in the autumn.


•    The fruit can be skinned and eaten rough, but it may be a bit astringent, especially if the film is not removed.
•    Another way of eating the fruit is to roast without having to peel. 
•    Roasting needs to be done in advance in order to avoid expansion of the fruit.
•    After it has been baked, its texture has a delicate, sweet and nutty flavor that of a baked potato.
•    In many countries, this preparation method is common, where scored chestnuts can be cooked with a little sucre.
•    Chestnuts may be roasted, mothled in meal and used as a thickener for stews, soups or sauces for preparation of breads, 
        cake, pancakes, pastas and polenta. 
•    Using chestnut flour, chestnut cake can be prepared. In Corsica the flour is made of necci, pattoni, castagnacci and cialdi into 
        doughnut-like fritters. 
•    The meal can be light beige or darker in other places, including Castagniccia. It is the safest way to store a healthy meal for 
          several years. 
•    The bread of chestnut can remain cool for up to two weeks.
•    The nuts can also be eaten in sweet or savory dishes, candied, baked, steamed, fried, grilled, or rosty.

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