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Chia seeds are edible plants of Salvia hispanica or of the related Salvia columbarias of the South- western United States and Mexico, a flowering plant of the mint (Lamiaceae) family from the Central and southern Mexico. Chia seeds have an oval and gray color with a diameter of about 1 millimeter (0.04 in.) of the black and white spots. The seeds are hydrophilic and absorb up to 12 times their peso in fluid when soaked. The mucilaginous layer is used to develop a distinctive gel texture of Chia- based foods and drinks. For buying Chia Seed there are many Chia Seed Wholesale Suppliers are

Chia seeds are typically small flattened oval grains measuring an average of 2,1 mm per seed, 1,3 mm by 0,8 mm, with an average weight of 1,3 mg (0,020 gr) per seed. The seeds are hydrophilic and
absorb liquid by weight twelve times while soaking; they are a mucilaginous layer that gives a distinctive gel texture of chia-based creams and drinks. "Golden chia" (Salvia Columbariae) are other plants called "chia." Salvia columbariae seeds are used for food and medicinal use. You can also directly buy Chia Seed from Chia Seed suppliers .


Sprinkling or ground in addition to other foods may be possible. Chia seeds. You can drink it directly in water to prepare chia fresca or milk or it can be combined with some kind of juice. Chia pudding is
made of milk, sweetener and whole seeds similar to tapioca pudding. Chia seeds may also be ground into or eaten raw in a gelatine-like shape. The gel derived from ground seeds can substitute 25% of
the content of cakes in egg and oil. As a novel crop, chia seeds were approved by the European Union in 2009, allowing chia to be as high as 5 % of the total matter for bread products. In contrast to flax seeds, chia seeds are digestible entire and do not have to be ground despite a popular misconception. Whether the seeds are dry or soaked or whether they are whole or ground, the human body absorbs the same nutrients from chia seeds.

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