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Coconut Cream Powder

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This is much like normal milk that is evaporated, other than cocoa products. This is cocoa milk evaporated. Surely in a pinch it can be beneficial! In my camper trailer I store a bag of it. The packaging of canned coconut milk is so much lighter! You can also directly buy Coconut Cream Powder from Coconut Cream Powder suppliers . The coconut milk powder simply adds hot water to create cocoa milk. Quite realistic! In addition to milk, you can also use it for creams (very helpful for some recipes) whenever you want. Its powdery nature brings great value to beverages such as warm chocolate and the latte mix with golden milk. Every recipe that you use for cocoa milk will fit well. Curry, because the powder has improved the capacity to bind to the spices, is especially helpful. Try adding a tablespoon on your next smoothie if you are a smoothie lover like me. Its rich taste adds to your smoothies a delicious tropical flavor. A creamy luxury, full of fiber and healthy oils. Our gut, our skin, our brain and beyond can be fed by naturally occurring coconut oil! This powder is pure ground cocoa meat with a delicious flavor. For buying Coconut Cream Powder there are many Coconut Cream Powder Wholesale Suppliers are available.


Coconuts are high in lauric acid which the body uses to produce fatty acids that combat diseases. The raw organic coconut meat also feature high concentrated trace minerals: mangane-potssium- copper, essential for fatty burning, energy producing medium chain fatty acids. The health of our immune systems, the nervous system, blood sugar, metabolism of fat-protein and healthy heartfunctions is considered cocoa-meal. Finally, coconut meat has a large quantity of fiber that maximizes digestive capacity and elimination of bowel. Coconut, also known as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), has MCFA or medium-chain fatty acids. The composition of MCFAs in the human body is different; unlike those in food, egg, milk and meat, which contain LCFA ingredients, which contain both saturated and insaturated fats. Coconut is a dietary source of MCT that benefits the body and its overall health.

Our powder can be added in almost anything – from latte, from matcha to chai to coffee, to smoothies as a thickener, and poured on healthy desserts.

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