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Traditionally, couscous is made of the hard section of the hard durum, which was the part of the grain resistant to grinding. It continues until the entire semolina has been formed into minute couscous granules. You can also directly buy Couscous from Couscous suppliers .
In the traditional method of couscous preparation, women's groups come together for several days to make large lots that have been desiccated in the sun then for several months. Hand-crafted couscously may need recycling in the preparation process; this is done through moisturizing and steaming on the stew until the couscous is lightened and fluffy. For buying Couscous there are many Couscous Wholesale Suppliers are available.


Selenium is one of the couscous's most important nutrients.
Only one cup of couscous (157 grams) contains more than 60% of recommended intake.
Selenium is a mineral of considerable health interest. It's a strong antioxidant to repair damaged cells and lower inflammation in your body.
In thyroid health it also plays a part. It is important for the correct functioning of thyroid gland, protecting it from damage and helping to produce the hormone.
Selenium can also reduce the risk of cancer in couscous.
Some trials are directly related to a greater risk of prostate cancer with selenium deficiency. Furthermore, the risk of lung cancer in smokers decreased when sufficient amounts of selenium are taken in combination with vitamins C and E .

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