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The skin is removed until a cow is killed. It is then chosen in the raw state, when it is salted for the very first time. Size and color are organized. A conventional approach for tanning hair on hide is employed in the tannery to ensure that the hide is smooth and less odorous and moulable. It guarantees a longer duration for the Cow Skin. It is then dried naturally and the best hides are separated from the rest, with those which are not completely used as separate décor items for use as patchwork teapots. These are usually those that cause the skin to break during the drying process, such as cutting and other skin injuries during the life period of the animal. For buying Cow Skin there are many Cow Skin Wholesale Suppliers are available.
Cow Skin may be colored as skin like a tiger or a zebra, but teint is normally reserved for Cow Skins of lesser quality. Hides of best quality are normally shown in their natural colours, based on the cattle breed. You can also directly buy Cow Skin from Cow Skin suppliers .

For the first time, Cow Skin was used by ancient civilizations. They brought up their own cattle, domesticated it and realized slowly that the skin that was formally a waste product was a commodity. Cow hide is the most common form of leder since a variety of colors is dyed and many finishes have been added to imitate many more exotic styles of leather. This helps other species, as cows are often slaughtered for their meat and the skin is one of the food industry 's resources.

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