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Nearly every sweetness crystallizes over time, some still on the pebble, others in a few days, weeks or months. Many sweet wines crystallize more rapidly – this depends on which nectar the bees have made honey from: the greater the sugar in the sweet wine, the more it can crystallize. Even if weetness never spoils, honey appears nasty and sugary and gives the mouth a grindy feel. Many consumers can not value it, and associate unpleasant granular texture with poor quality sweet or counterfeit sweet, white sugar adulterated. You can also directly buy Creamed Honey from Creamed Honey suppliers . Naturally, pure bee sugar, naturally – it is a natural process and does not affect honey consistency in any way. Cristallization. Since other forms of sugar crystallize very rapidly, manufacturers slow dow the sweetheart or avoid the crystallization. Creamed honey is 100 % pure honey treated for prevention of crystallization. The process of creaming creates a product that is very small in crystal – less than 25 microns – so fine that the sweet and silky honey with extendable consistency appears to be. When you have bio-certification such as our farm, it means that you have the highest possible environmental quality. Bees work incredibly hard and you will be the same if you want to enjoy their beautiful creations. We aspire to embrace all the pleasantness and comfort of our raw honey: smooth, silky, natural and well-known products, worth all our effort. Because the way nature intended our customers deserve honey. For buying Creamed Honey there are many Creamed Honey Wholesale Suppliers are available.


CREAMED honey contains antioxidants called phenolic compounds and flavonoids. Such antioxidants are also found in white sweetheart. Antioxidants protect against cell damage from free radicals in your body.

The ageing process is supported by free radicals. These can also raise the risk for medical diseases such as cancer and cardiac disease. Studies Trusted Source show that honey polyphenols can play the role in the prevention of heart disorders , especially raw natural honey.

Honey provides a safer way of fulfilling your sweet tooth while taking additional antioxidants in your diet if you are looking for an option for sugar. White honeys taste sweet, making them the perfect way to bake or snack.

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