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A healthy diet is required for milk, body maintenance and good health for milk cows. The animals will also have ample water so that they can drink as much as they want. Without proper management, no dairy cow, regardless of how good a breeding, can be productive, especially feeding. The amount anda quality of milk the animal produces is greatly affected by what it feeds on and how it eats. The consequence is a low milk yield and occurrence of diseases, if the cow is grassed at a farm with little pasture and water and housed in filthy cow dung and urine shelters.

Besides the option of good breeds, the proper fed, housed and handled dairy cows are sure ways of achieving good yields and revenue. A good race that gets good food and clean water, a good housing and nice and gentle care provides more milk and income. For example , you know that it is not sufficient to feed dairy cows on fodder and banana leaves and stem. Although Napier grass is good for milky cows, approximately 70-80% of the fodder consists of water , which means that the animals are only dry 20-30 percent. Dairy cow nutrients and feed requirements The feed requirements for lactating cows differ from calves and feedingstuffs.
The first three months of a calf 's life are crucial for the development of its immune system and its rumen. DairyWay Calf Starter has the objective of optimizing the consumption and supporting the growth of ruminum while calves move from liquid diet to solid diets.
DairyWay Calf Startern provides the carbohydrates and energy you want for your dairy calves and the minerals and vitamins they need to develop strong and healthy bones. Really nice to motivate young calves to feed.

Fortified with the correct vitamin and mineral balance that young calves need. This promotes development, development of muscle and healthy weights. Correct protein and fiber blend helps the growth of rumen.

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