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A dehydrator set at the correct temperature may be used as an alternative to air-drying. Within 24 hours, the warm air flow will make the fruits dry. To speed the drying process and ensure a thorough job, divide the chilli peppers chosen in two longitudes. Place them on your bowls and dry them. Again, there's going to be a couple of gloves in handy. You can also directly buy Dried Chilli from Dried Chilli suppliers . You can just dry your fruits by threading them across fishing lengths or cotton threads, one after another, separating them as miniature Weihnachts basins, if you have no dehydrate. Chili pepper from Nahuatl chÄ«lli (soundlisten) is a product from plants of the Capsicum genus, who are members of the night shade family, Solanaceae. Chili peppers are commonly used in many kitchens as a spice to add heat to the dishes. When ingested or topically applied capsaicin and related compounds are known as capsaicinoids, the substances that give chili peppers their intensity. Originating in Mexico, chili peppers. Many chili pepper cultivars, both for foods and traditional medicines, spread around the world after the exchange of Colombia. For buying Dried Chilli there are many Dried Chilli Wholesale Suppliers are available.


Technically speaking, chili pepper pods are berries. They are most commonly made and eaten as vegetables when they are used fresh. Wholesale pods can be dried and then crushed into chili powder, used as a spice or as an assaisonment. To extend their shelf life, chilies can be dried. Pickling, brining, immersing the pods in oil or beating, can also preserve Chile's peppers. Many fresh chilies, like poblano, have hard skin that doesn't break in the cooking process. Chilies are sometimes used in whole or large sections, to roast or to blister or caress the skin, to prevent the meat from being completely cooked underneath the skin. The skins are normally glided easily when cooled.

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