Durum Wheat(Variety of Wheat)

Durum Wheat(Variety of Wheat)

Durum Wheat(Variety of Wheat) detail

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Durum wheat or Triticum turgidum, which are known as common wheat or Triticum aestivum, is the second most grown kind after bread wheat.
Hard wheat is usually planted in the spring and harvested in the fall and adapted to the hot and dry Mediterranean conditions.
Durum grains of wheat can be transformed into semolina — a type of coarse meal common to pasta, including couscous.
They can also be used to make cereals, puddings, or bulgur breakfast or to turn unleavened bread or pizza dough into fine flours. You can also directly buy Durum wheat  from Durum wheat  suppliers .
This is the rough exterior grain layer containing starch, minerals and antioxidants.
It contains vitamins , minerals, and beneficial plant compounds as well as small amounts of carbs, fat , and protein. The germ is a nutrient-rich grain core.
This consists mainly of carbohydrates and proteins and it is the main component of the grain.
The bran and germ – together with the many nutrients – are removed during the refining of wheat. The process only leaves behind the endosperm, so wheat in general is richer in nutrients than refined wheat. For buying Durum wheat  there are many Durum wheat  Wholesale Suppliers are available.


Digested slowly in products made from durum flour. This allows you to smile better and not to eat too much. 
It gives you a very surprising feeling of satisfaction to have a spaghetti bowl and white bread pieces. 
White bread contains fast digestible starch that is quickly released into your bloodstream and digested and absorbed in your bloodstream.
 But pasta has a slower digestion process and has been maintained for longer periods in your GI tract. 
Choosing durum meal products instead of refined, white meal products will help you to reduce your dietary consumption.
Semolina is a very good source of iron, and eating semolina ensures that your body needs a sufficient amount of iron. 
With one cup of hard flour 8% of the recommended daily intake of iron is important for the production of hemoglobin which transmits the cells in our body with oxygen. 
Eating foods dependent on durum avoids iron production and anemia.

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