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A fertilizer is any natural or synthetic product that is applied to soil or tissue (other than liming materials) to provide one or more plant nutrients required for plant growth. There are several sources of fertilizers, both naturally and industrially produced. For buying Fertilizer there are many Fertilizer Wholesale Suppliers are available. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, expanded use of nitrogen fertilizers (800 percent rise between 1961 and 2019) was a key component of traditional food systems' improved productivity (more than 30 percent per capita).  Fertilisers improve plant growth. This target is accomplished in two ways, the conventional being the nutrient-providing additives. Unlike others on fertilizers this article emphasizes the nutritional aspect. You can also directly buy Fertilizer from Fertilizer suppliers .
The nutrients required for a healthy plant life are identified by the elements, but they are not used as fertilizers. Instead, the fertilizers are based on compounds containing these elements. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen as well as water and carbon dioxide are widely available. 

There are many ways of classifying fertilizers. Two or more nutrients are provided by "multinutrient fertilizers," such as N and P. Fertilizers are also often graded as inorganic versus organic (the topic of much of this article). Excluding urea, inorganic fertilizers exclude materials which contain carbon. Organic fertilizers are generally plant- or animal-derived matter (recycled). Inorganic fertilizers are often called synthetic fertilizers because they need different chemical treatments for their manufacture.

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