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In the Sapindaceae family Lychee is the sole member of the genus Litchi. It is a tropical tree originating within the Provinces of Guangdong and Fujia in southeast China, with culture recorded since the 11th century. China is the principal lychee producer and India, South-East Asia, South Africa and South Africa. The tree grows its crops from the 11th century. The lychee bears tiny fleshy fruits and is a tall evergreen tree. The fruit outside is pink-red, rough, and unconscious, covered by a large variety of dessert dishes. You can also directly buy Lychee from Lychee suppliers .


Remove the husk and the stone to prepare a lychee. Your thumbnail works better to open up the bumpy "alligating" skin of the outside skin. The skin of a mature lychee should easily penetrate and
almost easily slide away. Then open two fruit halves; the seed should be on one side, like an avocado. Mature lychee is expected to quickly push its seed out, but don't panic if the fruit is tearing a little. For buying Lychee there are many Lychee Wholesale Suppliers are available.


Fruit from the Lychee contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and B complexes. Aid for the production of lychea in red blood cells has been demonstrated to be efficient in inhibiting heart disease or cancer and its disease control flavonoids such as quercetine. Lychee also has a high content of fiber that contributes to digestion, increases metabolism and reduces the appetite.

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