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Fruits belonging to the shade family are new peppers (Capsicum annuum). They all come from Central and South America and appeal to chili, tomatoes and fruits. Bell peppers can also be eaten raw or cooked, known as sweet peppers or capsicums. Chili peppers are sometimes dried and powdered like their close relatives. They are called paprika in this case. For buying Fresh Pepper there are many Fresh Pepper Wholesale Suppliers are available. They have low calories and are particularly high in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which make a balanced diet outstanding. Peppers are available in several colors, including red , yellow, orange and green, which are not mature. You can also directly buy Fresh Pepper from Fresh Pepper suppliers . Green, unripe peppers have a bitter taste and are not as sweet as fully mature. Bell peppers are considered a nutritious food, like most whole plant foods. High fruit and vegetable consumption has been associated with a reduced risk of a large number of chronic diseases , such as cancer and heart disease. Bell peppers can also have many other safety advantages.


Macular degeneration and cataracts, primary causes of aging and diseases, are the most common forms of visual impairments. However, in the development of these diseases, nutrition can also play a significant role. Lutein and zeaxanthin — moderately high levels of carotenoids in bell peppers — can enhance eye safety in sufficient quantities when eaten. In fact, you are protected from oxidative damage to your retina – your eye's light-sensitive inner wall. A number of studies suggest the risk of both cataracts and macular degeneration may be minimized by daily food intake rich in these carotinoids.

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