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The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant of the Convolvulaceae family, the bindweed or glor  family of the morning. The broad and starchy, sweet-tasted, tuberous roots of the tubers are a source of vegetables. Sweet potatoes are commonly known as a type of potato ( Solanu tuberosum) but are not in the Solanaceae family. Moreover, the two families, Solanales, are in the same taxonomic order. In parts of North America, sweet potatoes, particularly orange, are ofte oferred to as "yam," but they are botanically quite different from true yams. For buying Sweet Pateto there are many Sweet Pateto Wholesale Suppliers are available.The plant is a herbaceous perennial wine that has heart-shaped alternating leaves or palmally lobed and symptomatic flowers of medium size. A smooth skin, which has a color range from yellow and
orange to red to brown, lard to beige, is the edible root. It has a variety of flesh: beige, brown , red, blue , black, yellow, green, black. Sweet potatoes are less sweet and humid than those with red, pink or orange flesh with white or pale yellow flesh. You can also directly buy Sweet Pateto from Sweet Pateto suppliers .

Uses :

Taro and sweet potato are the main sources of sustenances of Urapmin people of Papua New Guinea, and the word 'food' in Urap is actually a compound of both words.

Boniato is known in Spain as sweet potato. It is traditional to serve rasted potato and sweet chestnuts, panellets and sweet wine on the evening of All Souls' Day in Catalonia. La Castanyada is 
the name of the event. Cakes are also popular for sweet potatoes or for eating roast all over the country. Sweet baked candies, often served alongside ceviche, are called "camote" in Peru. Also sweet potato chips,  whether on the street or in packaged foods are often sold. The Moche culture is frequently made of ceramics modeled on sweet potatoes or camotes.  he red sweet potato juice is combined with lime juice to make a tealing color in South America. Growing shade from rose to black can be obtained by adjusting the proportions of the juices. Purple 
candy is also the "natural" coloring of fruit.

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