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Game feeds are made from Bugbrooke Mill's best quality raw materials. Heygates have more than 40 years experience in the manufacture and distribution of specialist game feeds. For buying Game Feed there are many Game Feed Wholesale Suppliers are available. To order to prevent coccidiosis, Avatec is introduced to Chico and farmers feed. Feeds of Avatec shall be collected for human consumption at least 5 days prior to the death of the animals.
The Aurofac 250 antibiotics can be found in a wide range of feed products at the inclusion rates of 1.2 kg, 1.6 kg and 2,4 kg per ton prescribed by your veterinarian.
The many years of experience in providing big shooting have improved our collection of game feeds. We have developed an excellent reputation during this period in producing high-quality feed from our licensed UFAS plant. You can also directly buy Game Feed from Game Feed suppliers

The welfare of chicks and poults in the formulation of our game feeds is given special attention. All our diets for the growing bird contain a required feed additive to prevent coccidiosis. Often added to aid digestion and promote stress tolerance are oligosaccharides, yucca extract and essential oils and herbs, thereby allowing young bows to deal with the danger of diseases in the best possible conditions.
The infeed wormer Flubenvet is available on request in all of our game feeds to help avoid inconsistencies as additional health support.

BATA game feeds, renowned for the high quality of nutrition and health, help optimize the breeding and development of good well-fed and robust covert birds.

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