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Ginkgo nuts are a type of food produced from the native Chinese plant, the Ginkgo biloba tree. Both ginkgo biloba leaves and nuts have been used to treat various health problems and to develop nutritional supplements aimed at reducing cognitive decline. While many of the work currently carried out focuses on ginkgo leaf extract, consuming ginkgo nuts provides many important health benefits. For buying Ginkgo nuts there are many Ginkgo nuts Wholesale Suppliers are available. Ginkgo nuts, naturally, are Gingko biloba tree nut-like, edible gametophytes. Because the kernels consist of incredible phytonutrients and antioxidants, the origins of ginkgo-toxin are also neurotoxin. Ginkgo seeds should be consumed in small amounts for healthy enjoyment as food for the same reason. Gingko Biloba is the only existing genus member, Gingko, and is a large, long-lasting Lubus tree in the Ginkgoaceae family. The soft yet chewy textured kernels are eaten for their nutritious and medicinal properties as either toasted or in dishes in the far eastern Asian cuisine. You can also directly buy Ginkgo nuts from Ginkgo nuts suppliers .

Ginkgo trees come from East Asia, which was believed to have originated in China's deep forests. It is a big tree and reaches a height of up to 50 metres. This is a very resilient plant that can live under different environmental conditions. Ginkgo is an independently-existing dioecious plant with male and female leaves. Today, they are grown in nurseries for their medicinal values of leaves, as well as as ornamental roadside trees.
In China , Japan and the Korean Peninsula, New Ginkgo Nuts are delicacy. Eastern Asian indigenous people eat them in bowls, usually smelling and dried or boiled. The cutting method can be improved if the whole nut is toasted on a frying pot for a couple of minutes. Then strike the nut softly with the hand pliers or a little hammer to open it. Slightly peel thin, externally brown membrane wrapping around a single intact jade green ginkgo kernel.

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