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Green tea is from China and India but has only recently become popular in the United States and has been eaten and celebrated for its health benefits for centuries worldwide.
After water tea is the world's most consumed drink. However, 78% of the world's tea consumed is black and only about 20% is green. Both tea styles are made of dried Camellia sinensis wood, with the exception of herbal tea. The oxidization level of the leaves defines the tea form. You can also directly buy Green tea from Green tea suppliers . Green tea is a non-axilicated leaf and one of the least handled tea varieties. The most antioxidants and protective polyphenols are found therein.

The health benefits of green tea are described below. Green tea was used to prevent bleeding and injury, help the digestion, enhance heart and mind health, and regulate the body temperature in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine. For buying Green tea there are many Green tea Wholesale Suppliers are available. Recent studies have shown that green tea can have possible beneficial effects on all levels from loss of weight to liver diseases, diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer's. It should be remembered that there needs to be more research before the possible ties to health benefits are permanent:


According to the National Cancer Institute, in laboratory studies and animal studies, polyphenols in tea have been shown to decrease tumor growth and can protect them from UVB radiation damages.
Cancer rates are often lower in countries where green tea consumption is high, but it is not clear if green tea prevents cancer in those populations or in other lifestyles. Green tea can lead to a small, significant weight loss for overweight and obese people; however, as weight loss was so minimal in the studies, green tea is unlikely to be clinically important for weight loss.

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