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A wave is a mass of prismatic hexagonal wax cells built in their nests with honey bees to hold their larvae and stocks of sweet and polen. You can also directly buy Honey Comb from Honey Comb suppliers . Apicularians may extract all the wave for the processing of sweetness. Honey bees eat approximately 8,4 lb of honey to cover 1 lb of wax, so it is economically fair to turn the wax back  the hive after the sweet harvest. When honey is extracted out of the comb by uncapping and rotating in a centrifugal machine – the honey extractor, the structure of the comb is basically left intact. For buying Honey Comb there are many Honey Comb Wholesale Suppliers are available. New, fresh comb is sold and used as comb honey sometimes intact, especially when it is spread over bread instead of cooking or as a sweetener. A significant number of wipes, in particular Polistinae and Vespinae, produce hexagonal prism- packed pebs of paper rather than wax; honey is stored in the nest in some species and thus essentially forms the paper stream. Furthermore, for these systems the term "honeycomb" is not always used.


Honeycomb can increase the health of your heart.
Work has shown the ability to reduce the high blood cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease, in
the long-chained fatty acids and alcohol in beeswax.
One review notes, for example, that beeswax alcohols can lower the level of "bad " LDL cholesterol by up to 29% while" good "cholesterol can be increased by 8-15%.
Nonetheless, in this study, the experiments used large concentrations of extracted beeswax alcohol,
making it difficult to determine if the low quantities of beeswax in honeycomb would have the same effects.
Hence the ability of the honey itself to lower cholesterol.
A study of 70 grams of sugar or honey a day gave a participant. In the 30-day period, those in the honey community have increased their 'healthy' HDL cholesterol by 3.3%, decreasing their 'poor' LDL cholesterol by 5.8%.
In addition, the substitution of sugar with miel may also contribute up to 19% to lower triglyceride levels.
In fact, honey antioxidants can help to widen the coronary arteries. In addition, blood flow may increase and blood pressure can decrease, potentially reducing the risk of blood clots, cardiac attackand stroke.

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