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The skin is the biggest organ in a horse and it is quite the same as it is in humans. Temperature is regulated, barrier is provided and touch is also assured. This should be remembered that the skin of the horse is thinner than the skin that makes them more sensitive. For buying Horse Skin there are many Horse Skin Wholesale Suppliers are available. Average pH of the horse skin is 6.3, therefore a little acidic. The pH-value can increase up to 9 if a
horse is strongly sweating, which promotes an environment in which harmful bacteria and funguses can develop. It is therefore very significant to try and return the pH to normal as quickly and as close as possible to neutral. The alkaline condition also causes horses to sweat more than human sweat. You can also directly buy Horse Skin from Horse Skin suppliers . Today's horse leather is rare. The tractors and mobile vehicles have been used to replace horses on the farms. In the slaughterhouse, therefore, there is a lot less horse fur. Horse meat is discredited because it has not been detected in food, but it is generally considered natural, as long as it was declared correctly. Horse meat needs to be declared natural.

Horse leather is traditionally used as a smooth leather for shoes and clothes . Leather Cordovan is used mainly for top-quality shoes. Just heavy workhorses can be made from the rear flanks. There are two round pieces, several millimeters below the skin surface, and they are very sophisticated in the fibers (butt or shell). The leather in this area is especially dense and durable. Cordovan ready-made contains plenty of grapes and is water-repellent. These parts are about as large as a paper sheet. Cordovan is one of the most expensive leathers, in particular, as supply obviously exceeds demand. Appropriate horse skins are quite rare because heavy horses are also quite rare and can not substitute horses for sporting or breeding. The raw material is therefore manufactured by many specialist manufacturers.

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