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When chickens start laying eggs about 18 weeks old turn hens on a whole chicken layer feed. Select a full layer feed that contains all 38 essential nutrients that hens have to lay resistant. Then gradually over a week make the transition. You can also directly buy Layer Feed from Layer Feed suppliers .

You will do many new things when you turn 18. You can cast your vote, buy fireworks, even try your lots. The number 18 means the same thing for chickens in the backyard. The age when hens are considered adults is eighteen weeks. It's time for many races of chicken to lay eggs, most excitingly. Turn your hens to a chicken layer feed at this significant milestone. This feed switch is an important step in making fresh eggs because hens need specific nutrients in order to produce eggs than when they develop. Hens require high calcium, vitamins and minerals to produce an egg every day. In egg production the nutrients in the layer food play an important role. Hens directly transfer much of this nutrients to their eggs. For buying Layer Feed there are many Layer Feed Wholesale Suppliers are available.

Before the transformation begins, select full layer feed. Perhaps you should make a choice on your layer feed at week 16, so that you are able to move at week 18. After a layer feed transition has been completed, a routine should be maintained. Every morning and night, we recommend that you provide layer feed to your cups and switch the feed off. Laying hens eat about 0,25 pounds of full feed every day, or about a half cup. If birds are free, feed them in full layer before the morning comes out. This allows them to eat the most essential nutrients until they fill less nutritiously healthy insects and plants.

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