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Maize Is a Grain First Domesticated by Natives in Southern Mexico Around 10,000 Years Ago, and Is Also Called Maize. the Leafy Stalk Contains Pollen Inflorescences and Distinct Ovulatory Inflorescences Known as Ore That Contain Fruit-Producing Kernels or Seeds. for Buying Maize There Are Many Maize Wholesale Suppliers Are Available. for Certain Parts of the World, the Entire Production of Maize Is Above Wheat or Rice. Maize Has Become a Staple Food. Nevertheless, None of This Maize Is Eaten by Humans: Much of It Is Used for Ethanol of Maize, Animal Feed and Other Maize Products, Such as Maize Starch and Maize Syrup. the Six Principal Kinds of Maizes Are Dente Maize, Plum Maize, Pod Maize, Popcorn, Maize of Meat and Sweet Corn. Maize Is Used in the Processing of Ethanol and Other Biofuels. You Can Also Directly Buy Maize from Maize Suppliers


in Several Regions of the World, Maize and Maize Constitute the Staple Crop. Maize, a Common Ingredient in Home Cooking and Many Processed Food Products, Is Used to Manufacture Cornstarch. Maize Starch Can Be Processed Hydrolytically, in an Enzymatic Manner to Produce Syrups, Particularly High Fructose Maize Syrup, and Sweetener. the Traditional Source of Bourbon Whiskey Is Grain Alcohol Made of Maize. Maize Flour and Other Baked Goods Are Used for Making Corn Bread. in Prehistoric Times Mesoamericans Used a Metate to Turn Maize into Ground Maize and to Create Foods Denser Than Popcorn in Terms of Calories. the Olmec People Started to Cook Maize Along with the Beans After the Inventory of Ceramic Vessels, Thus Increasing the Nutritional Value of Basic Food. Although Maize Contains Natural Niacin, a Significant Nutrient, It Was Not Bioavailable Without the Nixtamalisation Process. the Maya Made Nixtamal Foods for Porridges and Tamales. the Method of Cooking Corn for Grapes and Homines Was Later Used in the American Cuisine in the West.

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