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A Mango is a juicy stone fruit (drupe) produced from numerous tropical arbours, which are mainly cultive for their edible fruits and which belong to the flowering plant Mangifera. You can also directly buy Mango from Mango suppliers . The wild mangoes are found for the most part in nature. The genus comes from the Anacardiaceae cashew family. Mangoes are found in South Asia and are spread around the world to become one of the most grown tropical fruits through the common mango, or indian mango, Mangifera indica. More regional production of other Mangifera species ( e.g. mango horse, Mangifera foetidah). Mangolo is a national fruit in India and Pakistan, and a national tree in Bangladesh. Depending upon the culture, fruit varies in size, form, sweetness, color and flesh which may be light yellow, gold, or flesh colors. It is the Philippines' inofficial national fruit. For buying Mango there are many Mango Wholesale Suppliers are available.


In general, mangos are sweet, but flesh taste and texture differ between cultivars, with some, such as Alphonso, being fluffy, pulpy and juicy like an overripened brush, while others such as Tommy Atkins have a firmer texture as a cantaloupe or an avocado. Unripe, spiced, or cooked mango skin may be consumed, but it has the ability to contribute to lip, gingival, or language contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. Mangoes are common in the kitchen. Sour, unripe mangoes, or raw with salt, chili or soy sauce, are used in chutneys, pickles, dhals and other side dishes. Mangoes are a summer drink known as aam panna. Mango lassi is popular in all of South Asia and is made with buttermilk and sugar by combining ripe mangoes or mango pulp. Curries are also made using ripe mangoes. Aamras, which is popular with chapatis or pooris, is a thick juice of mangoes made with sugar or with milk. The jam is
also made from ripe mangoes, known as manga.

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