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The Myanmar rice habitats include lowland irrigation, deep and upland rainfed land. Late-sown lowland rainfed is the field seeded during the monsoon period; mayine rice can only be transplanted once the flood water is drained after the monsoon. For buying Myanmar Rice there are many Myanmar Rice Wholesale Suppliers are available. Rainfed lowland rice is limited to the Delta and Rakhine state coastal plain. About 60% of the delta region is planted with rainfed rice, including the Ayeyarwady, Bago, and Yangon regions of Lower Myanmar. Irrigations in the central dry area of Myanmar are crucial because of precipitation and hydrological patterns, while drainage and flood protection are more concerned in the delta. The upland region of the country is mainly in the States of Sagaing, Mandalay and Shan. Some highlands of Shan State occupy sloping land, which in the northern winter becomes cold. You can also directly buy Myanmar Rice from Myanmar Rice suppliers

Myanmar has decreased and is especially poor in the use of fertilizer. In 2009, farmers applied on average only 5 kilograms of NPK for each ha, which is approximately a quarter of the 1995 number. It indicates that the amount of rice is much smaller. Limited access to formal sources of credit leads to inadequate resources, which make farmers less productive of their rice crop, particularly fertilizer. Lack of infrastructure and post-production facilities impede rice production growth. The shortage of better agricultural to market roads contributes to higher transport costs for rice farmers' products. Products must go along the Ayeyarwady River across the Thai border. The railway lines are very old,n  and there have been very few repairs since the 1800s. Except for major cities, most roads aren unpaved. Simple storage facilities and antiquated mills are affected by grain consistency.

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