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Orange Blossom Honey

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There is no way you can tell precisely what their taste would be when you first try any honey varieties. (Incidentally, the acacia honey does not come from the acacia trees, but from the black luscious trees) (They have the same name, and the honey of the Tupelo is not a bird's tree). However, the taste of orange honey is predictable – with an orange flavor which is very slight yet distinctive. This confusion stems from the fact that given its name orange blossom honey is not necessarily made out of orange nectar. Orange blow mash is one of the best varieties of honey you can put on the tea, spring over granola, or spread over toast.


The key therapeutic benefits of all honeys are the high concentration of antioxidants, antibacteria and antiinflammatory agents, often due to slow release of hydrogen peroxide into the body. Orange flower sweetness is no exception; in fact, in that regard it is better than most varieties The several antioxidants in that boney include hesperitin, quercetin, luteolin and galangin which work to stimulate the immune system and to counter the effects of free radicals that destroy essential bodies and cause chronic diseases over time.

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