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The palm kernel is the palm fruit's edible seed. The fruit produces two distinct oils: palm oil from the outside and palm kernel oil from the kernel. You can also directly buy Palm Kernel Nuts from Palm Kernel Nuts suppliers . The left pulp is shaped from the center to a "Palm Kernel Cake" that is either used for high-protein feeds for milk cattle or burnt in boilers for electricity produced by palm oil mills and villages around it. Palm kernel cake is produced most often through economic screw pressing with less frequent extraction of solvents. For buying Palm Kernel Nuts there are many Palm Kernel Nuts Wholesale Suppliers are available. Palm kernel cake is the best protein feed suitable for ruminants with high fiber, medium grade material. Palm kernel cake is a little higher than other related foods as copra cake and cocoa pod husk, but less than fish and groundnut cake, in particular its protein value.

The palm kernel cake consists of 16 percent fibre, also has a high ratio of phosphorus to calcium, with elements such as magnesium, iron and zinc. We give Palm Kernel oil for the production of many daily household goods including cosmetics, milk, medicines, fuel and industry. For example Glue, Paper, Printing, Plastic, Washing Powder, Pharmaceutical and Plastic goods. The palm kernel is the oil palm trees edible seed. The fruit
produces two distinct oil palm oil from the outside of the fruit and kernel palm oil from the kernel. The pulp left after the oil has been removed from the kernel is shaped into a "palm kernel cake,&quot which is either used as a high protein feed for milk livestock or is consumed by boilers for power
 generation for palm oil mills and the villages around.

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