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Palm Oil is a vegetable food oil derived from the oil palms of mesocarp fruit, primarily Elaeis guineensis African oil palm and, to a lesser extent, ELAEIS oleifera and Attalea maripa maripas American oil palm. For buying Palm Oil there are many Palm Oil Wholesale Suppliers are available. A high oil yield of the tree has led to wider cultivation and forestry clearing in parts of Indonesia have become a spot for oil palms monoculture. The natural habitat of three surviving orangutane species has suffered significant acreage losses. You can also directly buy Palm Oil from Palm Oil suppliers . Despite of a high beta-carotene content, palm oil is naturally reddish colored. The kernel oil of a palm kernel from the same fruit, or cocoa oil from the kernel of a cocoa palm must not be mistaken. Nonetheless, refined, bleached and deodorized crude red palm oil, a common product known as RBD palm oil, does not contain carotenoids.


Palm oil is used to cook and is often applied to the grocery store for many ready-to - eat foods. The savory and earthy flavor are considered. Many people describe its taste as carrot or pumpkin. This oil is a staple in Western African and tropical cooking and is especially suited for curries and other spicy foods. It is also used for sautéing or grinding, because it is 450 ° F (232 ° C) extremely smokeable and remains stable under high heat.

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