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The Peanut Kernel(Arachis hypogaea L.) is one of the world's second-largest nutrients behind soybeans, and a major human source of nutrients. It is made up of a significant contribution to human nutrition by 30 – 45% w / w olive oil, 25 to 35% protein w / w, and a fundamental source of minerals and vitamins. In 2014 there were produced over 35,6 million tons of peans. China is the leading producer country with 13 million tons (36% worldwide), India with 5 million metric tons (14%) and Nigeria with 3 million metric tons (8%) – the largest country in the world. You can also directly buy Peanut Kernelfrom Peanut Kerne lsuppliers .
Peanut Kernel is therefore an essential oil seed and except for the production of oil, because of its unique taste and abundance of nutrients, has been transformed into snack foods. Peanuts can easily be eaten alone or in combination with other foods as a cheap source of protein and a popular snack. Peanuths have recently gained considerable attention since functional food Roasted peanuts is one of the most common snack foods in which roasted food is a key step in the processing processes and directly affects the quality of the finished product (crispness, taste, and taste) and shelf life. For buying Peanut Kernel there are many Peanut Kernel Wholesale Suppliers are available.


Peanuts are a perfect diet for people with diabetes or diabetes risk. Saccharides have a low glycemic index ( GI), which means that the blood sugar levels are not high.
Foods with a GI of 55 or less are considered by nutritionists as low-GI foods and foods with a GI of more than 70 are high-GI. Peanuts have 23 GI ratings, which make them low GI ratings. Here's more information on the GI scale.
Peanuts are relatively low in carbohydrates and high in protein, fat, and fiber, and help regulate sugar levels in the blood. Fiber slows digestive processes, enabling a steadier energy release, and it takes more time to break down proteins than simple carbohydrates.

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