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Perfumed rice is a rice with long rows. This has a fragrance which is reminiscent of pandanium and pop-corn arising from the natural processing of aroma compounds in the Ricerie, the most important of which is 2 acetyl-1-pyrroline. In the traditional packaging and storage, these aroma compounds are dispelled in a few months. For buying Perfumed rice there are many Perfumed rice Wholesale Suppliers are available.
In Thailand , Cambodia, Laos and Southern Vietnam, Perfumed rice is primarily grown. When cooked with a slightly sweet taste, this is moist and smooth in texture. When fried, though less collar than gluteny rice, they cling and are somewhat sticky, since they have less amylopectin. It's nearly three times higher than US rice. You can also directly buy Perfumed rice from Perfumed rice suppliers . The long stalks are cut and threshed to harvest Perfumed rice. The rice can be left as a hulled rice known as paddy rice, removed for brown rice or milled to extract a germ and some or all of the bran, which yield white rice. Steamed Perfumed rice is suitable to be used in soups (which are very slightly drier when cooked with less water when cooking) and in cold-free fried or fried food. Sometimes it's not good when used with fried rice, even when still warm, it's too sticky and fluffy.

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