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Pine trees in the genus of Pinus form the family of Pinaceae. Some of the common names include pineal noodles, pignoli, cedar noodles, chilgoza, pineal, etc. The pine trees flourish in the Northern Hemisphere mostly in the extreme cold and taiga forests, in Siberia and Canada in particular. They are large, upright, straight trees with large trunk, with pyramid or umbrella-like, dense foliage covering up to 75 feet in height. You can also directly buy Pine Nuts from Pine Nuts suppliers . The pine tree "flowers" then become a cone. After pollination, female cones mature approximately two-three years. Throughout maturity, the cones can range from 3 cm to 35 cm in length to 35 cm in length. Scales at the cone 's base and tip are small and sterile, therefore they do not contain seeds. The cone splits open to release the kernel when mature and dry. Pinus sibirica and Pinus koraiensis are two prominent pine species known for their large edible kernels. In comparison with the oriental pines in which the seeds are large, large and contain more fat, Western (stone) pines have long slender kernels.
Strong dark-brown pine nuts have a shell or an outer layer. Within, the food-producing kernel is smooth and pure, buttery and sweet. Chilgoza pines look similar to stone pines; they have long and slender pointed kernels. For buying Pine Nuts there are many Pine Nuts Wholesale Suppliers are available.


One of the calorie-rich food nuts is pine noodles. 
Mainly fat comes from their high calorie content. Indeed, they are especially rich in mono-insaturated fatty acids including oleic acid (18:1 undifferentiated fat), which leads to lowering LDLs or the use of "poor cholesterol."
The essential fatty acid (omega-6 fat), pinolenic acid, are present in the pine or cedar nuts.
Pines are also one of gluten-free tree nuts that therefore constitute a common ingredient in formulas without gluten. In people with wheat food allergy and celiac disease, these formula preparations may be a healthy alternative.

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