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The POMEGRANATE is a lime fruit-bearing shrub, which is grown between 5 and 10 meters in height in the Lythraceae family, subfamily Punicoideae. For buying Pomegranate there are many Pomegranate Wholesale Suppliers are available. The grenade originated in the region from Iran to northern India and has been used in the Mediterranean since ancient times. During the late 16th century the nation was incorporated into Spanish America and in 1769, the Spanish people brought it to California. The fruit is usually produced from September to February in the Northern Hemisphere and from March to May in the Southern Hemisphere, respectively. You can also directly buy Pomegranate from Pomegranate suppliers .


The seeds are removed from the skin and white inner pulp membranes after opening the grenade by scoring it and splitting them open. The seeds can be separated more easily in a water bowl by sinking seeds and by swarming with the inedible pulp. It's also easier to freeze the whole fruit.


Granate seeds are obtained from polyphenols by their vibrant red hue. These are solid antioxidants. Grenade juice is stronger than other fruit juices in antioxidants. It's also three times as high as red
wine and green tea. Pomegranate juice antioxidants can be used to eliminate free radicals, safeguard cells from destruction, and minimize inflammation. The juice of a single grenade has a vitamin C requirement of more than 40 percent per day. When pasteurized, vitamin C can be decomposed, so choose to get the most from home-made or fresh grenade juice.

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