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The bright-yellow floral brassice (Brassica napus subsp. napus), mainly grown for the rich oleic seed which naturally contains significant amounts of toxic erucic acid, is a flourishing brassicacean (mustard or chalk family). The third largest source of vegetable oil and the second largest protein supply in the world is rape. For buying Rape seeds there are many Rape seeds Wholesale Suppliers are available. Brassica napus grows up to 100 cm long, with unhairy, fleshy, pinnatifid and gullible lower leaves stalking, while the upper leaves do not have smallles. The upper leaves of Brassica Napus, that do not close the base, and their smaller petals, less than 13 mm long, can be separated from Brassica Napus. You can also directly buy Rape seeds from Rape seeds suppliers .


Because of its high smoke point, the rape oil can be cooked at high temperatures, so that it does not burn until around 400oF (204oC) and then starts smoking. Fat molecules start to break down at this temperature and produce harmful compounds. When you choose a healthy cooking oil, smoke point is an important factor. The refined essence of an oil is one element that decides. The more sophisticated the higher the point of smoke. Because of the high refined quality of prey oil, which is the removal of many of its impurities and free fatty acids, it has a smoke point higher than other oils, like olive oil.

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