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Corn oil is a maize oil extracted from the maize germ. Its principal use is cooking, where refined maize oil is a valuable frying oil from the high smoke point. Some margarines are also a key ingredient. Corn oil is usually cheaper than most other vegetable oils. Corn oil is also a biodiesel feedstock. Additional industrial applications for maize oil include soap, salvage, paint, eraser, metal surface rustproofing, ink, textiles, nitroglycerin and insecticides. It is occasionally used in pharmaceutical preparations as a carrier for drug molecules. For buying Refined Corn Oil there are many Refined Corn Oil Wholesale Suppliers are available. Nearly all maize oil was pressed by the expeller and then extracted by solvents with the use of hexane or2-Methylpentane. Following extraction, degumming and/or alkaline treatment refines the corn oil, which both phosphatides are removed. Treatment of alkaline also neutralizes the free and coloring acids. Eventually, wintering (wax removal), and oil deodorization by steaming, at 232–260 ° C, in a high vacuum, form part of refining. You can also directly buy Refined Corn Oil from Refined Corn Oil suppliers . Some specialty oil producers produce 100% expeller-pressed maize oil, which is not processed.


In some studies, maize oil seems to have beneficial health effects.It contains chemicals, such as phytosterols, Vitamin E and linoleic acid, which are likely to improve cardiac health. Corn oils are full of plant-based phytosterols with a structure similar to that of animals in cholesterol. Phytosterols can be anti-inflammatory and dieting with a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods may lower your risk of certain conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diseases and certain cancers. In contrast with many other cooking oils such as peanuts, olives and canola, maize oil has a high content of phytosterol. The phytosterol beta-sitosterol is particularly high.

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