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Sesame, in the genus of Sesamum, is a flowering plant sometimes known as the benne. In Africa there are many wild relatives and in India less.Sesame is one of the oldest oleaginous plants known, well over 3000 years ago, domesticated. There are many other species of sesame, most of which are wild and born in subsaharan Africa. S. It is a common ingredient in foods all around the world, with a rich nutty flavor. Like seeds and foods, some people can cause allergic reactions. You can also directly buy Sesame Seeds from Sesame Seeds suppliers .


Sesame plants are rich in minerals and are a very good source of Calcium , Iron, Magnesium , Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Selenium and Vitamin B1 and an excellent source of Copper. They contain two kinds of beneficial lignan fiber not found in other plants. Three tablespoons (12 percent of the reference day intake) provide 3.5 g of fiber to sesame seeds .This fiber is not only good for digestive health, but also can cause a decrease in bad cholesterol. Although sesame grains have a high level of fat, they are mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. These seeds can be a good protein source, with five grams per three tablespoon. They have a very low blood glucose index, so that after you consume them, they do not increase blood glucose. For buying Sesame Seeds there are many Sesame Seeds Wholesale Suppliers are available.

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