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Sisal fiber consists of decortication processes. This method comprises and tramples the leaves of a sisal plant with a spinning drum. The set contains blunt knives, which only contain fibres. Water is washed away from the rest of the crop. Before it is dried in natural heat or artificial hot air phase, the ornamented fibres are cleaned up with water. The fiber grade is determined based on the moisture content, so it is imperative to dry properly. For better grades than natural sun drying, artificial drying is preferred. The fibers are unpacked through the system and classified into grades after drying. For buying Sisal Fiber there are many Sisal Fiber Wholesale Suppliers are available.
Sisal fibre consists of approximately hundreds of smooth, straight and yellow cells in the cross-section. The resilience lends it a rugged and rigid look is the principal attribute of sisal fibre.  The texture of the fiber makes it possible to absorb teeth and provides the widest variety of teared colors of all other natural fibers. Sisal fibre-polyester composites are potentially particularly controversial due to their durability relative to the fibers of pineapples and bananas. You can also directly buy Sisal Fiber from Sisal Fiber suppliers .


Sisal 's durability, strength, stretchability, saltwater resistance and affinity for certain colorants is the leading material for agricultural twines. 
Sisal is also used in special paper, bugging cloth, dart boards, geotextiles, filters, tapestries, mattresses, macaramas and wire rope cores in addition to twines, ropes and general cordage.
 It's used in various applications including car industry as an eco-friendly reinforcement agent to substitute fibreglass, asbestos in composites.
 Low-grade fiber has high levels of paper processed cellulose and hemicelluloses.

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