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Tamarind is a fruit growing in wood-like veneer pods. The insides become brown when the fruit is mature and sticky like rubbery sweets. The taste is profoundly sour, tangy and sweet. This fruit is commonly used as an ingredient in steak sauce in most of the world, except North America. If you are clooking for best tamarind powder manufacturers, you are at right place. Tamarind powder is a powder-free of movement, made of natural tamarind pulp. The product has natural pulp qualities and is also able to handle, transport and store the product quickly. This product has a rich original tamarind flavour and is easy to deliver at home level. Tamarind / Tamarind Polvo is an essential condiment/additive in the preparation of sambar, rasam, polygon, chutney and so on, and is used daily in the development of sauces. Taranto, malic and citric acids in tamarind fruits are responsible for sourness. Now you can easily get Tamarind powder for sale online.


Tamarind Powder is a unique, sour spice commonly used to balance rich and spicy tastes in Indian cuisine.
Although Tamarind is native to Africa, it is most frequently used in Asia.
In Australia, Mexico and South America it is also well-known.
For dry rubs, blend with dried plants and spices.
Certified, non-GMO, vegan. Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve.

Where Is It Used?

Powder from Tamarind is made from dehydrated Tamarind.
The aroma, in contrast to fresh Tamarind, is highly concentrated and sweeter and more intense.
The flavour is commonly used to add pups, chutneys, pickles, lentils and legumes to sauces.
In Western kitchens, chefs also make BBQ sauces, tablespoons of ketchup, pizza sauces and wild game with tamarind powder.

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