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Honey is made of flowers' nectar, harvested with sweet bees. There are many varieties of floral honey available and the colour , taste and flavor of the flora and the colors of pigments in the plant depend upon the type of flower that the nectar was obtained from. Thanks to the varying levels of natural sugars, transparent and set floral honeys differ in texture. Clear honey is also the preferred cooking choice as it is runny and easier to pour. Waitrose provides a wide range of various floral honeys, including Waitrose Select honeys, each with a special and distinctive taste, picked from floral sources all over the world.
The honey produced by bees is called floral honey or blossom honey by using nectar from the flowers. The blossom honey is mostly natural honey produced in the world. The highland flower honey is also known as the flower honey. In daily life, highland 
flower honey is the most consumed type of sweet.

A sweet taste with a good flavor, the Veld Flowr blue honey is light amber in colour.
Veld Flowr honey's raw material is flowers' nectar. Natural sweetness specifically depends on nectar. Bees normally collect nectar from only one flower type at a time. So after the first nectar, they continue collecting nectar from the same flora. You visit identical flowers, not other.

Over time, the delicious flower crystallizes. Not just has a taste like other honeys like Blossom honey. The taste of flowering honey also dominates the taste of bees, which were first visited. Veld Flowr honey, Veld Flowr acacia honey, Veld Flowr thyme honey all kinds of flower honey. Benefits of the Veld Flowr flower sweet are; the regular source of energy for the people is the flowering sweetness. It is understood that the nervous system is regulated when a blossom honey is continuously consumed. It helps to improve the nervous system very effectively. Veld Flowr blossom sweets are enough to cover a large part of our daily energy needs. 

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