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Rice production in Vietnam is important for the country food supply and the national economy for the Mekong and Red River deltas. The Mekong Delta is a center of the world's rice-producing area with the cohabitation with rivers, vessels, homes and markets to deliver a generous rice harvest. The 33 million hectare Vietna's land has three rice-determining habitats. Vietnam has a population of over 60 millions hectares. Those are the southern delta, the northern delta and the highlands of the north. For buying Vietnam Rice there are many Vietnam Rice Wholesale Suppliers are available. Mekong Delta is a staple of the national diet and is considered a "god's gift. It is a most prominent irrigated rice system. In Vietnam, the Mekong River and its affluents are critical for the rice industry. The Mekong Delta, popularly known as the "Rice Bowl" in Vietnam, comprises a number of 12 provinces, with about 17 million people, 80% of which are engaged in cultivating rice. In 2008, around 20 million tons were produced in the Delta, about half of total production in the country. You can also directly buy Vietnam Rice from Vietnam Rice suppliers

Rice in Vietnam is known as "white gold" and has a similarity to the name of Rice in Inde called the Sanskrit name "Dhanya." There's a tradition in Vietnam that's told about rice. According to the people's myth, rice was not created in ancient times but was called by people to pray fervently. Rice will appear in every house from the sky as a big sphere. A lady swept her own house floor on one occasion, as her husband had ordered to welcome the rice ball. As the lady still kicked, the big rice ball landed in the house and struck the broom and then broke into a number. Since then Vietnam 's people have had to work hard to raise rice with their hands.

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