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A walnut is the nut of any trees , especially the Persian or English walnut, Juglans regia. The Juglans regia. The edible seed of a drupe is a walnut, and therefore not a true botanical nut. When the shell has
been removed, it is used as a garnish or snack after fully maturing for its edible seed. Nuts are less common in eastern black Walnut (Juglans nigra) and butternut (Juglans cinerea). The retrieval of the husk reveals, after fully maturing, the wrinkled walnut shell, which can generally be found commercially in two segments (the shells may also form three or four segments). The husk is soft and the shell strong during the maturation process. The shell contains the kernel or meat, which is normally divided by a division into two halves. Included inside the brown seed coat that contains antioxidants are seed kernels, which are widely used as shelled walnuts. The antioxidants avoid the rancidity of the oil-rich seed against atmospheric oxygen. Walnuts are only late in the spring, usually only in the middle. To prevent competitive vegetation from developing, chemicals are secreted into the soil. Because of this it is not appropriate to plant nearby flowers or vegetable gardens.


Walnut meat in two shapes is available; shelled or in shell. The meat may be whole, half or, due to processing, in smaller portions. All walnuts can be eaten alone or in a mixture such as a muesli or as part of a plug: walnut, walnut cake, walnut cake, banana cake, brownie, fudge, etc. Walnuts are frequently pickled or candied. The fruit of pickled noodles can be sweet or savory, depending on the solution of preservation. Walnut butters can be either homemade or sold raw or rusty. You can also directly buy Walnut Seed from Walnut Seed suppliers . In other foodstuffs, walnuts can be used as an ingredient. Walnut is the most important component in baklava, Circassian chicken, walnut sauce chicken and Iranian cuisine poultry or meat ball stew. Walnuts are also famous for the topping of ice creams and walnuts are used in some foods as a decoration. For buying Walnut Seed there are many Walnut Seed Wholesale Suppliers are available. Nocino is an alcohol-starved liqueur made of green walnuts and sirop.Walnut oil is widely available and primarily used in salad dressings as a food ingredient. It has a low smoke point and its use is restricted for frying.

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